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State U provides you with two main options for building what you want online. The information below will help you decide which one is right for you!

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Sites is a managed version of WordPress. It’s the place you want to be if you just want WordPress and your focus is on getting started fast, with as little fuss as possible, in a highly supported environment.

Perfect for:

  • getting a WordPress site as easily as possible
  • most projects, courses, and simple sites
  • people who want a higher level of technical support

We provide:

  • plugins and themes carefully selected to meet the needs of most people (see our full list)
  • an environment where we manage all the updates and backups
  • loving and responsive technical support
A variety of

Domain of One’s Own

A Domain of One’s Own is your playground on the Internet. This is the place to try different applications and to explore the technologies that run the web. A great place for those who want choice and independence.

Perfect for:

  • installing your own apps (Omeka, Drupal, WP, & more)
  • building your own site from scratch
  • people who value choice over technical support

We provide:

  • a set of automated installers for various applications and the room to DIY in a LAMP environment
  • an environment where you make the choices and can see the pieces
  • limited documentation and limited support